Single Release: “Complete” by Better Human

“When the pandemic hit the East Coast and venues shuttered their doors, Better Human scaled back out of necessity, playing virtual sets in a solo or smaller band configuration with Wexler taking over lead vocals. New single ‘Complete,’ released on Halloween, bears the marks of this transition without sacrificing any of the band‘s core sonic DNA.”

New video transmission from Miss Cantaloupe

The short takes viewers on a tour of a paradigm shift, using Klaproth as the subject. In the opening scenes, she’s rifling through bills, Philadelphia Parking Authority-issued tickets, and other usual paper pests that come with adulthood. While taking a ride on her Vespa scooter, she approaches a forset staircase with two mystical nymphs—who have been following her the entire video⁠—enticing her to drink a potion. 

Funk n’ Bowl’s season kickoff with Eli Winderman and Jonathan Colman

Mixing Philadelphia talent with internationally touring musicians who happen to be passing through, Funk n’ Bowl closes out music-filled weekends in the city with an off-the-cuff showcase and lineup in constant rotation. No two shows will ever be alike, because no mix of musicians will ever be the same.

Theta Movement brings Jewelers and Artists to Philadelphia for Massive Gallery Exhibition

“No amount of photos can compare to seeing something in real life… So many people came to the gallery who were experiencing the community and the art for the first time, and many of those people even walked away with a new piece of jewelry!”