Briggs Farm Blues Festival serves up a Swingin’ 2021 Weekend

Considered a local gem to its growing population of faithful fans, read all about what you can expect to experience and explore this coming July 2021!

Inclusion Festival goes ONLINE this Weekend

Folks can tune in (for free!) for a three-day streaming event this upcoming August 21-23, 2020 for a weekend filled with musical performances from both the local and world-renowned jam bases, a variety of workshops, and keynote speakers. Streams will feature closed-captioning, American Sign Language Interpretation, and other embedded accessibility tools.

Brendan Brisk takes us to Relaxylvania

“I think everyone has the power to imagine great music, but moving it out of your mind and into the physical world is a great process. Usually within that process, my ideas morph into their own entities, which is exactly what happened with Relaxylvania.”

#ThrowbackThursday album review: You Are Literally a Metaphor, Consider the Source

Consider the Source’s latest full-length makes up for their four-year gap in studio releases with a meaty, seventy-plus minute offering of highly inventive multisectional instrumental epics.

#ThrowbackThursday album review: Gnomon, The Clock Reads

Gnomon, The Clock Reads’ second LP, is an excellent primer on their unique sound and personality as a band. The instrumental jazz quartet makes use of two guitarists along with bass and drums, a relatively unusual configuration that raises challenges ably met by the ensemble.

New video transmission from Miss Cantaloupe

The short takes viewers on a tour of a paradigm shift, using Klaproth as the subject. In the opening scenes, she’s rifling through bills, Philadelphia Parking Authority-issued tickets, and other usual paper pests that come with adulthood. While taking a ride on her Vespa scooter, she approaches a forset staircase with two mystical nymphs—who have been following her the entire video⁠—enticing her to drink a potion. 

Mason Porter revs up their 2019 Midnight Mountain Music Show: A festival [and set] recap 

by NEPAudio Contributing Writer Greg Mandata-Hoffmann

“Wake up darling it’s time to go, to the Midnight Mountain Music Show…”

The first-ever Karnival of the Arts comes to town this Labor Day Weekend

“Instead of waiting for another show to spring up, we decided to take on the challenge ourselves and do our best to elevate people’s perception of a music festival while offering a Rubalad-like visual experience, a super talented music line up, and creating a unique brand separate from any other.”