Album Review: “Moves” by Tweed

Tweed has always been a live performance-focused group, and their patience in waiting to release an LP has allowed them to take the time necessary to differentiate themselves from their peers, to develop their unique voice, and to learn how best to translate that voice to an effective record. This patience has paid dividends, and all that work is evident on Moves.

Solar Circuit blasts off on their first cross-country tour

Solar Circuit’s jamtronica fusion entrances audiences in an all-out dance party. If you like getting down to dirty, intergalactic untz, then do not miss this act. There are roughly 20 chances to see them while on this four-month bend. 

Bodega Unwraps their Sixth Annual Holiday Show with Tom Hamilton

So the tradition of Bodega’s Christmas-eve-eve is so special because it’s not only the one night of the year that the people who grew up surrounding the band get to see them play together, but it’s also one of the few days of the year members of Bodega are reunited with one another as well. And that, paired with that cliche wisp of Christmas wonder hanging in the air, is a recipe for on-stage magic.

Medusa’s Disco: Painters Painting Paintings video premiere

It was only two months ago that Medusa’s Disco opened their doors—or pool—to fans for their first music video shoot in four years. 

After three years, The Big Dirty comes home to Jibberjazz

Anyone who’s been on the Jibberjazz since, well, basically the start of Jibberjazz knows the reunion of the Dirty is a special event.

Muscle Tough rocks Philly’s last four days of 2018, FOR FREE

2018 has been a tumultuous year, as they all are. One of the constants has been that wherever Muscle Tough plays people dance, people smile, people ask (joyfully) ‘what is going on?’, and people remember to text their dads.

The 2018 NEPAudio Magazine

The first edition of our NEPAudio magazine was gifted to music lovers at Pennsylvania festivals and shows all throughout summer of 2018. Thank you again to the incredible advertisers and donors who helped make this vision come true! The 2019 collection is currently underway. If you are interested in finding out how to participate, advertise,Continue reading “The 2018 NEPAudio Magazine”

TWEED talks on “Making Moves” Tour & all the Moves it entails

AJ DiBiase (guitar), Jon Tomczak (synth & keys), Joe Vela (drums), and Dan McDonald (bass) work together as a rhythmic Rumpelstiltskin, spinning their grooves into intergalactic gold. Wielding their respective wheels, improvisational jams are woven with funk breakdowns, and their trademark Tweed is flossed right before the crowd’s eyes.