The TRiBE drops single “Highlights” amidst Winter Tour

Incorporating elements of jazz, soul, and R&B, this is undoubtedly some kick-back-and-feel-good music. But their jazzy jams aren’t just for Sunday morning— performing, the TRiBE folds their grooves into peaks and valleys, using improvisation to segway their soul. 

Funk n’ Bowl’s season kickoff with Eli Winderman and Jonathan Colman

Mixing Philadelphia talent with internationally touring musicians who happen to be passing through, Funk n’ Bowl closes out music-filled weekends in the city with an off-the-cuff showcase and lineup in constant rotation. No two shows will ever be alike, because no mix of musicians will ever be the same.

The first-ever Karnival of the Arts comes to town this Labor Day Weekend

“Instead of waiting for another show to spring up, we decided to take on the challenge ourselves and do our best to elevate people’s perception of a music festival while offering a Rubalad-like visual experience, a super talented music line up, and creating a unique brand separate from any other.”

After three years, The Big Dirty comes home to Jibberjazz

Anyone who’s been on the Jibberjazz since, well, basically the start of Jibberjazz knows the reunion of the Dirty is a special event.

TWEED talks on “Making Moves” Tour & all the Moves it entails

AJ DiBiase (guitar), Jon Tomczak (synth & keys), Joe Vela (drums), and Dan McDonald (bass) work together as a rhythmic Rumpelstiltskin, spinning their grooves into intergalactic gold. Wielding their respective wheels, improvisational jams are woven with funk breakdowns, and their trademark Tweed is flossed right before the crowd’s eyes.

Nik Greeley’s Philadelphia Funk: a Major Operation

Nik Greeley and the Operators is a veritable supergroup* made up of members of Swift Technique, Out of the Beardspace,  Miss Cantaloupe, and, formerly, the Underwater Sounds.  All fine musicians apart, they have come together with Greeley at the helm to provide a funk experience that is both engaging and enthralling.