Single Release: “Complete” by Better Human

“When the pandemic hit the East Coast and venues shuttered their doors, Better Human scaled back out of necessity, playing virtual sets in a solo or smaller band configuration with Wexler taking over lead vocals. New single ‘Complete,’ released on Halloween, bears the marks of this transition without sacrificing any of the band‘s core sonic DNA.”

#ThrowbackThursday album review: You Are Literally a Metaphor, Consider the Source

Consider the Source’s latest full-length makes up for their four-year gap in studio releases with a meaty, seventy-plus minute offering of highly inventive multisectional instrumental epics.

#ThrowbackThursday album review: Songs About Worms, Trap Rabbit

“In Songs About Worms, a thorough combination of the novel and the vintage creates an endlessly compelling sonic palette that is at once unique and familiar.”

#ThrowbackThursday album review: Gnomon, The Clock Reads

Gnomon, The Clock Reads’ second LP, is an excellent primer on their unique sound and personality as a band. The instrumental jazz quartet makes use of two guitarists along with bass and drums, a relatively unusual configuration that raises challenges ably met by the ensemble.

“Orphic Grimoire” perpetuates the hurricane of Medusa’s Disco: An Album Review

As a whole, Orphic Grimore is an unabridged depiction of the duality that Medusa’s Disco straddles. Bringing high energy rock-n-roll into its world of dark and peculiar, Medusa’s tones and words ooze with emotion.