Along the Path to its Debut Album, Knorrwood Releases “Five High”

The playfulness between traditional and progressive, the natural world with a tinge of psychedelia, is a captivating performance to witness unfold.

Muscle Tough pieces their Quarantine Miniatures, “Tough Transmissions” into an album

Tough Transmissions is perfectly in balance between the free-stylization of the music and the premeditation of the mixing: a reflection of the structured chaos that has become our daily lives and the creative release we all grasp at to keep the mind moving as the rest of the world stands still.

Hunter Root’s “Mimicking the Sun like Dandelions” reflects Pieces of Us All

Stretching into corners of the emotional mind… it’s without a doubt that Root writes his truth, a kind of truth that some people can spend all their lives trying to avoid confronting, while others find their own honesty in his.

#ThrowbackThursday album review: You Are Literally a Metaphor, Consider the Source

Consider the Source’s latest full-length makes up for their four-year gap in studio releases with a meaty, seventy-plus minute offering of highly inventive multisectional instrumental epics.

#ThrowbackThursday album review: Songs About Worms, Trap Rabbit

“In Songs About Worms, a thorough combination of the novel and the vintage creates an endlessly compelling sonic palette that is at once unique and familiar.”

#ThrowbackThursday album review: Gnomon, The Clock Reads

Gnomon, The Clock Reads’ second LP, is an excellent primer on their unique sound and personality as a band. The instrumental jazz quartet makes use of two guitarists along with bass and drums, a relatively unusual configuration that raises challenges ably met by the ensemble.

Album Review: “Impact” by U.S.E. Trio

“Here, the lack of a conventional harmony instrument allows the trio to communicate their ideas with nothing more than the unadorned essentials: rhythm, bass, and melody. The musicians deploy the full extent of their resources to ensure the listener never feels that absence. The focus, energy, and precision of the ensemble’s interplay and the fluency of their improvisation provide plenty to occupy a listener’s attention.”

Album Review: “Moves” by Tweed

Tweed has always been a live performance-focused group, and their patience in waiting to release an LP has allowed them to take the time necessary to differentiate themselves from their peers, to develop their unique voice, and to learn how best to translate that voice to an effective record. This patience has paid dividends, and all that work is evident on Moves.

The TRiBE drops single “Highlights” amidst Winter Tour

Incorporating elements of jazz, soul, and R&B, this is undoubtedly some kick-back-and-feel-good music. But their jazzy jams aren’t just for Sunday morning— performing, the TRiBE folds their grooves into peaks and valleys, using improvisation to segway their soul.