The 2022 NEPAudio Magazine

Number four! I can’t believe it’s here. I think we’re really starting to get the hang of this, and it has opened a door to so many new possibilities for next year. For now, let’s enjoy the present moment: festival season 2022.

Thank you so much to our sponsors, this magazine would not be possible without you!

Get your hands on a copy at this growing list of locations and events:

Pine Ridge Festival, June 10-12, Albrightsville, PA
Beardfest, June 15-18, Hammonton, PA
Briggs Farm Blues Festival, July 8-10, Nescopeck, PA
Inclusion Festival, July 15-17, Kempton, PA
Karnival of the Arts, September 1-5, Kempton, PA

Venues & Businesses:

Althea’s Imaginarium, Bloomsburg, PA
Brewski’s Coffee and Bar, Bloomsburg, PA
Turkey Hill Brewing Co, Bloomsburg, PA

TAP at Humboldt Beer Depot, Hazleton, PA

Primal Glass, Wilkes-Barre, PA
Utopia Pipe Shop, Wilkes-Barre, PA
Wyoming Valley Beverage, Edwardsville, PA

This list will grow as we home our magazines! Be sure to keep up with our socials to see where we pop up in between @NEPAudio

Published by Sarah Kate Gittleman

An English and Writing graduate of Kutztown University, Sarah has fused the two passions discovered through her years of study: writing and live music. Her creation of NEPAudio provides a very public love letter dedicated to the local jam scenes stretched across Eastern and Central Pennsylvania.

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