The 2021 NEPAudio Magazine

In the true, turn-of-the-world fashion, we’ve gone virtual. But do not fear—printed magazines are ready to find you, too! Keep scrolling for our expanding list of events & locations.

Honestly, at the start of this year, things were looking bleak on whether to even pursue a 2021 edition. I mustered my hope, took a risk, crunched my entire timeline, and worked harder than ever to get the dang thing done. With all the curveballs in mind, I have to say that this booklet is a creation unlike any before it. I’m grateful to continue learning, connecting, and discovering through NEPAudio. You all make that possible.

A huge thank you to our advertisers & sponsors: you are the reason we can distribute real, tangible booklets to smiling fans at festivals all summer long!

View the mag page-by-page in high-res here:

And, of course, get your hands on a copy at this growing list of locations and events:

MiniBeard, June 25-26, Hammington, NJ
Briggs Farm Blues Festival, July 8-10, Nescopeck, PA
City Bisco, July 9, Philadelphia, PA
Bear’s Picnic, August 6-8, Blain, PA
Circus of Life, August 19-22, Bethel, NY
Karnival of the Arts, September 3-6, Lehighton, PA
Opple Topple 10, September 30-Oct 2, Kempton, PA

Be sure to keep up with our socials to see where we pop up in between @NEPAudio

Venues & Businesses:

Ardmore Music Hall, Ardmore, PA

Althea’s Imaginarium, Bloomsburg, PA
Brewski’s Coffee and Bar, Bloomsburg, PA
Turkey Hill Brewing Co, Bloomsburg, PA

TAP at Humboldt Beer Depot, Hazleton, PA

The Boom Room, Philadelphia, PA

Primal Glass, Wilkes-Barre, PA
Utopia Pipe Shop, Wilkes-Barre, PA
Wyoming Valley Beverage, Edwardsville, PA

This list will grow as we home our magazines! Check back in a bit.

Published by Sarah Kate Gittleman

An English and Writing graduate of Kutztown University, Sarah has fused the two passions discovered through her years of study: writing and live music. Her creation of NEPAudio provides a very public love letter dedicated to the local jam scenes stretched across Eastern and Central Pennsylvania.

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