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Advertise in the 2020 NEPAudio Magazine

Ad information and downloadable forms for the 2020 Magazine!

Fellow Music Lover,

I’m so excited to dive right into year three of transforming NEPAudio into a printed music magazine.

Last year was a wild success: we upped our print to one thousand magazines, which were distributed all around northern, eastern and central Pennsylvania. These bad boys popped up at bars, venues, local businesses, and of course, passed out by loving hands at music festivals and events from April all the way through to September.

Check out the 2019 edition here.

In order to keep NEPAudio free and accessible to the public, advertising is a necessity. This is how I cover printing costs, and how you can puzzle your art, event, business, or venue into this bird’s eye view of our scene.

You can view and download PDFs of our ad specification sheet, contract, and application here: NEPAudio 2020 Ad Packet

Applications and advertisements are due March 16th, 2020, and payment must be made by March 23, 2020. Space is first come first serve, so it is recommended to secure your spot as early as possible!

Please feel free to email me with any questions at

Thank you for what I know will be another wonderful year,

Sarah Kate

An English and Writing graduate of Kutztown University, Sarah has fused the two passions discovered through her years of study: writing and live music. Her creation of NEPAudio provides a very public love letter dedicated to the local jam scenes stretched across Eastern and Central Pennsylvania.

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