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Medusa’s Disco: Painters Painting Paintings video premiere

It was only two months ago that Medusa’s Disco opened their doors—or pool—to fans for their first music video shoot in four years. 

It was only two months ago that Medusa’s Disco opened their doors—or pool—to fans for their first music video shoot in four years. 

A rowdy one hundred gathered in the lobby of the Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center to be led to the shoot’s location: an abandoned pool in the building’s basement. Witnessing a video being filmed in a room off-shooting the pool, the idea had sparked. 

I have a bad habit of feeling the need to explore my surroundings,”  Wynton Huddle, shared guitar and vocals of Medusa’s Disco, explained. “You never know what cool things you can find in the basements of some of these venues, and this one surely did not disappoint!” 

Painters Painting Paintings encapsulates the high-energy psychedelic rock that Medusa’s Disco has been pumping through the veins of our local PA festival scene since their first festival at Peace of Mind 2016. Kinetic rifts pair with their alway-relatable lyrics, breathing in the nostalgia of the runaway rock ballads we would listen to as teenagers, but maybe with a bit more of a frisky bite. 

Painters was not the initial song choice when they first announced their cinematic endeavor, but it was an obvious change after plans started to seriously weave. 

“When fans mentioned bringing some paint, everything suddenly clicked into place. We really wanted to represent what a Medusa’s Disco concert feels like, we wanted to share what crazy precious animals our fans are, [and] we wanted to share this positive experience with the world,” Huddle said.

As someone who has studied the union of Medusa’s fans—and on top of it, that union’s connection with the band—the vibe of their video certainly does not fall short. If you’ve ever wondered what a Medusa’s Disco show is like, this is a good representative.  Headbanging, shoulder riding, wine bag slapping, smiley high fives, and glitter strewn about the floor: it is hardly a reenactment of a Medusa’s experience.

And good god, this is one of the biggest honors of NEPAudio’s career to host its premiere to the world.

The video is a collaboration between Rhawry and Karl McWherter Photography. Edited by Rhawry.


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  1. I couldn’t say I’d recommend this tune. The energy doesn’t match the picture that the sounds paint…ironically. Props to the audio engineer who mixed it, the quality is nice. Singing into a Shure 57/58 went out of style a long time ago imho.

  2. Martin Kloster


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