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Single Release: Travis Mason & Maggie Mae

Some fresh music from Travis Mason and Maggie Mae

Travis Mason, (The Story of Ol’) Rocky Knoll

Travis Mason has been working with Rock n’ Roll for the last decade, his most popular involvement being the Rhythm Guitar and Vocals of Appalachian Gypsy Tribe. His single release is his first attempt at Folk/Americana with exclusively original material, bringing his vision of “a more stripped down sound to shed light on the deep-rooted stories told within the lyrics.”

Mason’s single, (The Story of Ol’) Rocky Knoll, demonstrates just that idea. The string song brings back a simpler time for music, where word and technique were revered for their raw talent, rather than how they could be morphed by machine.41555318_2292509317652012_201604562283397120_n

Mason said that there were two driving factors that moved him with creating this album:

“Firstly, I was writing songs faster than I could get them into a band. It takes time to cultivate a song within a group. With these tunes piling up, I had to do something with them before they would be lost in the mix and forgotten. The second driving force was making a record for my father with the acoustic/harmonica approach he favored in mind. Though he has already passed, this is a tribute to his influence on my life and music. The song ‘Alaskan Midnight Sunrise’ is dedicated to him and all he has taught me.”

The full-length album debuted December 14, 2018, and will be proceeded by a Record Release at Southside 313 in Bethlehem, PA, Friday, January 11th accompanied by a full band.

Travis said that many past bands mates, family, and friends have contributed to his record “simply as a favor” and for that he’d like to thank Andy Bodogh (producer, engineer, keyboards), Brittany Mason (photo), Quentin Fisher (mandolin, fiddle, dobro), Asa Wilson (guitar), Emily Newman (vocals), Aaron Guldin (press),  and Devin Marshall (piano/organ loan).

Parallel to Mason’s single release, he has been working original material into a new original band, Mason/Wilson Line.

Listen to Mason’s Single here.

Maggie Mae, Can You Hear Me Now

Growing up in a home created by two musicians, Maggie Mae Gallmann has led a life surrounded by sound.

“I have, in some way or another, been playing music my entire life…All growing up I would ‘sit in’ on my parents’ gigs, singing whatever songs I happened to know,” Mae Said.

She formed her first band in 2010, and this past September has formed a band since a long stretch solo play, bringing together Jack 46884490_2174904175893389_5877510973316661248_nShoudy of Darlyngton on Guitar, Anthony Passante-Contaldi on Drums, Erik Kramer on bass, and Gabe Preston on the Sax.

“Playing with a band again was such a rush,” Mae said, “and these guys really give me a certain kind of energy and ability to express myself that I haven’t quite felt before.”

After recording her latest single, Can You Hear Me Now?, she’s set a date with World Cafe Live to premiere her work this upcoming Thursday, December 20th, 2018. World Cafe Live is a special venue for Mae. It was her first job when she moved to Philadelphia five years ago and her first gig in 2016.

“I think it all worked out at just the right time,” Mae explained. “I’ll be ending this year with my first single release and a debut on the World Cafe Live stage. It’s a really wonderful feeling to be so close and attached to such a special place, where I’ve met some of my best friends and had some of my most precious moments, and have it be home to so many firsts: first job in a new city, first performance after a long hiatus, and [now] first time on one of the World Cafe Live stages for my first single release show.”

Mae’s message in Can You Hear Me Now is one most can relate to.

“I’d say for most of my life, I never really felt heard. I definitely had a lot of support and love around me, but there were always areas of my life where I didn’t feel comfortable expressing myself for various reasons. Anxiety played a huge role in my life, and it always made it hard for me to really relate to people without feeling uncomfortable. Music was always my way around that from a young age. Everything I couldn’t say out loud went into my songs.”

Listen to Mae’s Single here.

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