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The Jubilee Brief: April

The first of six installments drafting an atlas of our local PA circuit, and we’re crunching down some festival trail mix along the way: local to corporate, electronic and jam.

Welcome to The Jubilee Brief

This is the first of six installments drafting an atlas of our local PA circuit, and we’re crunching down some festival trail mix along the way: local to corporate, electronic and jam.

As the ground, as well as its fellow Pennsylvanians, begins to thaw, Facebook events and lineup announcements have been flooding feeds (much more exciting than all those recipe videos you’ve watched but never tried to make, in my opinion).

The days of booking hotels are coming to a close; it’s time to dig out your tents and get ready for what is arguably the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

What’s in our trail mix this April?

Willie’s Midnight Crazy Train Campout 5

15974839_1738488793134043_8816949932538337363_oWhen: April 7-9th, 2017
Where: Ukrainian Homestead
1230 Beaver Run Road, Lehighton PA

If you ever question the loyalty of PA festival patrons (or maybe their eagerness to kick start the season), I would have to point you in the direction of Willie’s Campout 4, 2016. With snow already on the ground and more promised on the way, Willie’s indoor stage was mobbed with bundled up partiers starting to shed their layers as Flux Capacitor took over late night.

A favorite opener to the year, Willie’s is coming back with a weekend packed with local PA kingpins: Dr. Slothclaw, Mystery Train, Flux Capacitor, Slightly Askew, and Uncle Jake and the 18 Wheel Gang…to name a few.

Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival

17016959_1696993680316587_332805894220211175_oWhen: April 23rd, 2017
Where: Nay Aug Park, Scranton PA

In it’s third year of production, 2017 will be the first time the PA Canna Fest is recognized as a statewide event, according to their website. Two stages will be booked to the brim with 15 bands and 12 speakers. On top of that: live art and glass blowing, yoga workshops, hiking trails free to explore, and TONS of food. It’s almost hard to believe this will all be fitting into one Sunday. 

Within this medley of music is a serious spread of PA Bluegrass: Stronger than Dirt, Still Hand String Band, and Serene Green. 

Oh, and did I mention this event is FREE to the public?

Some Kind of Jam 12

15972681_10154789208191893_4961640527513472786_oWhen: April 27-30th, 2017
Where: Schuylkill Haven Fairgrounds,  2270 Fair Road, Summit Station, PA

To much of the PA local patron base, this is more than a festival— it’s tradition. For my festival family, Some Kind of Jam (SKOJ) is the usher into our festival season, and there really is no better way to kick off the season than with a good old Jibberjazz throwdown.

Hey, I admit it, I have a biased love for the Jibberjazz family, but anyone who has bopped around lot long enough can tell you: even out of all the Jibberjazz festivals, there is something undeniably special about SKOJ. It’s almost as if everyone has been driven to the climax of stir crazy, and Jibberjazz has concocted a cure twelve cycles strong.

Fix your ears on their 2017 elixir: Spafford, Antibalas, Marbin, Darla, The Clock Reads, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, the Royal Noise….I’ll have to stop there or else this will turn into an entire passage consisting of groups I am looking forward to dancing to.

So, there it is—your April Agenda. Tune in next month for some May madness and even more mayhem on the way.

Have an event you’d like to add? Hop over to our contact page and leave us some details.


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