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Com’on Baby, Light My Fyre

Mystery Fyre lights up the Dam Show with their Doors Tribute

After watching months of preparation build into this performance, I couldn’t help the grin that crossed my face as Mystery Fyre (MF) crossed the stage as the Doors at the Dam Show Saturday night. The entire festival lineup was stacked with a showcase of NEPA a

Graphic by Wes Knorr

rtists paying homage to their inspirations from the 1960s-80s, some of which included Out of the Beardspace playing Frank Zappa and Still Hand String Band with their all-string rendition of Pink Floyd.

The festival located in Austin, PA is particularly known for (and named after) the towering dam remains that come alive with lights and projections at night. Apart from previous years, the main stage stood front and center the dam. This was a special treat for attendees, whom, as Jake Knorr of MF suggested during their set, may have formed the largest crowd the Dam has seen yet.

Sound wise, I personally don’t think MF could have picked a better band to cover for this unique festival. A band that prides themselves on capturing a 1960’s rock soul in their modern jams, the addition of their organ player Jon Smith was just the piece the Knorr Brothers needed to complete their dark, Doorsy experience. Guitar and organ intertwined to create an eerie opening for People are Strange, as well as a chaotic background as Jake read Morrison’s poetry between songs (just how Jim would have liked it).

Imitating his dance in brown leather pants complete with a conch belt, Jake’s exactness transformed the singer into a disputable reincarnation of Morrison. The rest of the band followed close behind in both technique as well as wardrobe (which, if you’ve ever seen MF before, is nothing too new).

“The Fyre” by Wes Knorr

Aside from the Doors being one of my favorite Classic Rock bands, and me being [admittedly] biased towards Mystery Fyre, their set seemed to be one of the most anticipated of the weekend. Campsite neighbors, along with a number of other Dam-Goers I exchanged excitement with confessed MF was their primary reason for coming.

When the music was over, fans and first-Fyre experiencers alike showed the attention to authenticity put into (and undeniable energy that came out of) fulfilled their expectations for this tribute. From Changling to Light My Fire, MF swallowed every phase of the Doors and digested it into one of their best performances this summer.

The boys plan on carrying on their Doors tribute into future set lists and music festivals. Make sure to catch Mystery Fyre and party with them at their [currently] last scheduled festival, Peace of Mind this Labor Day Weekend in Halifax, PA.

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